Sail and Humans

Windcoop operates container ships under sail, propelled mostly by wind power, which is inexhaustible, clean and free. These innovative ships contribute to develop a low carbon transport.
Our first sailing cargo will go into building in 2024. Our ambition is for it to be owned by a host of shipowners wishing to accelerate the transition of maritime transport.

Windcoop is structured as a cooperative, and offers everyone (individuals, companies and communities) the opportunity to become a member in order to offer a new shipping company model.
This progressive project will allow all stakeholders to develop a low-carbon transport model, concerned about people and the environment.


A low-carbon and tailor-made offer

Our first line will connect Marseille to Madagascar.
Carte ligne directe

The Windcoop vessel, 85 meters long, has been optimized to achieve the best sailing performance.

It will be operational on our first line France-Madagascar, from 2025.
This Windcoop cargo will be the first of many. We want to develop a fleet of low-carbon ships to meet the challenges of international transport.

Our goal is to design maritime routes that fit with our customers needs.

Importers, producers, shippers… Our next lines depend on you! Contact us, we are at your disposal.

The Windcoop container ship in some figures


containers of 20 feet transported


energy savings on a transatlantic route 


1400 tons of goods transported per trip


Why a cooperative?

The cooperative is Windcoop’s raison d’être.

Because this collaborative model offers everyone the opportunity to become an active transition and decision-maker on the transport of our daily goods. By becoming all members, we act together for the emergence of fairer transport through our shared governance.

Committed beyond low-carbon transport



Windcoop’s vocation is to stir things up on maritime transport. As a progressive company we are in favour of a different economic model that empower consumers, users, customers, partners…



Within an opaque maritime sector, Windcoop places itself as transparent through its cooperative organization, integrating all its activity stakeholders to its capital, shared governance, and no taboos concerning financial structuring.



We will be the only low carbon shipping company made up of thousands of shipowners whose collective intelligence will enable to develop a new model of sustainable, efficient and realistic freight transport.