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A cooperative model

Meeting our future’s challenges

We have chosen the cooperative model because it can act in all economic sectors and meet the challenges of our planet. We choose to associate all the players wishing to get involved for change: communities, financiers, architects, sailors, employees, engineers, ports, carriers, shippers, cargos forwarders, consumers… including you!

Advocate for human impact

The Windcoop model is inclusive, designed to be accessible and in the interest of the greatest number. Windcoop will make a point of respecting the well-being of all its onboard and onshore employees, but also of participating in the economic development of the territories affected while acting for the ecological transition necessary for our society.

The choice of democratic and transparent governance

Investing in a cooperative means choosing a democratic and transparent mode of governance, where each member has access to the same information. Together we decide on the best strategy for the cooperative.

A worthwhile investment

Opt for a responsible and sustainable investment

Windcoop is established as SCIC, an economic model designed to be sustainable. Being a Windcoop’s member means investing in a sustainable company that reinvests its profits.

No fabulous interest rates, but concrete action to participate in the ecological transition. Profits will be reinvested in the company, above all for the benefit of the environment and people. Dividends (legally capped) will be paid only if considered relevant to the company’s health and ambition, and you will take the decision at the general meeting.

Being a Windcoop’s Member means joining a community that shares values: making environment and people our main concerns.

Being a shipowner and a pioneer

To be a player in the transport field, you have to own your ships. The fundraising allows Windcoop to invest the capital necessary for the first ship building. To achieve this objective, Windcoop’s minimum capital requirement is €3.5 million. The more we raise, the more we hold. By being a member, you become the owner of one of the first modern cargo sailboats.

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