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Different paths, one horizon

Windcoop was born from the desire to take concrete action on our current practices to make them evolve. The humans who make Windcoop today are therefore strongly turned towards the future and united around core values ​​and commitments, allowing a short-term transition.


Three players committed to a more sustainable future

Équipe Zéphyr et Borée. Lorient. 22. 4 février 2022

Nils Joyeux

Chairman of Zéphyr & Borée

Nils is co-founder and Chairman of Zéphyr et Borée. Project leader since its creation in 2015, he is co-developing with his partners the first large-scale carbon-free ships with innovative wings.
Trained as a Marine officer, he worked as a lieutenant and mechanical
officer on different types of cargos : Ro-Ro transport, seismic prospecting and tankers.

Matthieu Brunet

Matthieu Brunet

Co-director of Arcadie and Chairman of Windcoop

Matthieu has been running the Arcadie family business with his brother and his wife since 2014. He is a driving force in the company’s management with the implementation of holacracy in 2017. Matthieu is involved in social and environmental initiatives for the ecological transition: Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the bank La Nef, member of the “Convention des Entreprises pour le Climat”.

Julien Noé

Julien Noé

Chairman of Enercoop

Julien is an expert in eco-citizen mobilization. Founder of several cooperatives in key sectors energy, mobility and communications(Enercoop, Mobicoop, Télécoop). He created the Licoornes ecosystem in 2018. This organization aims to enhance cooperative economic model in order to radically transform the economy by giving more power to citizens. It brings together 9 cooperative societies of collective interest responding to many daily needs and representing real social issues.

Two companies on the initiative of the cooperative


The pioneers of modern sailing cargo ships

Zéphyr & Borée is a maritime company specialising in building low-carbon ships and a pioneer in modern sail-powered maritime transport. The purpose of Zéphyr & Borée is to drive this essential transformation of the shipping industry, by designing commercial ships equipped with sails and which use alternatives to fossil-derived fuels. Designer in a joint venture with Jifmar Offshore Services of Canopée, the very first modern sailing cargo, Zéphyr & Borée brings together R&D experts, engineers, architects and experienced merchant navy officers. All convinced that the future of goods transport will go through zero carbon emission boats that respect the environment.


An importer of organic and ethical spices

Arcadie is a major player in France on spices and aromatic plants from organic farming. For more than 30 years, Arcadie’s will is to set up an economic activity without ever losing sight of man and nature respect. In order to control the entire chain from the production to the consumer, the company is committed to invest in low carbon transport. A transport where man and nature are once again at the center of concerns.


One team based in Lorient

Équipe Zéphyr et Borée. Lorient. 22. 4 février 2022

Nils Joyeux

General manager

Nils takes over as CEO of Windcoop in January 2023. He is also co-founder and chairman of Zéphyr and Borée. Leading the project since its creation in 2015, he is co-developing with his associates the first models of large-scale decarbonized ships with innovative wing technologies.
Trained as a Merchant Marine, he worked as a lieutenant and engineer officer on different types of merchant ships: Ro-ro transport, seismic prospecting, offshore oil tankers.

Alice de Cointet pour site

Alice de Cointet

Executive director

After studying International Trade, Alice specialized in financial arrangements and project management in the Social and Solidarity Economy.
For 9 years, she participated in the development of many social and innovative initiatives serving citizens and their territory, and today decided to become fully involved in a single project, Windcoop. Coming from a family of sailors and convinced by the cooperative model, she has all the cards in hand to lead the Windcoop crew to their destination.


Edgar Dassonville

Account manager

Edgar trained in B2B sales during his career at SKEMA and then during a one-year experience within a company specializing in complex sales. Also passionate about sailing, he spent a year, once his studies were completed, to navigate and obtainthe Yachtmaster Offshore, a British skipper's diploma. An activity that he exercises as a dilettante and which, according to him, is “a fantastic training in decision-making and responsibilities”. Two skills expected of an effective sales manager! Edgar's main missions are to prospect new chargers, retain all existing customers and develop future Windcoop lines.

Équipe Zéphyr et Borée. Lorient. 22. 4 février 2022

Capucine Houel

Marketing executive

Communication and marketing hold no secrets for Capucine who, after a Master's degree in international events management, she worked for more than 10 years in niche markets in France and abroad. Aware of the environmental issues related to the transport of our consumption, Capucine is committed to offering creative and informative content for Windcoop.


Anna Le Boëdec

Cooperative members manager

Driven by her passion for sailing and her commitment to ecological transition, Anna joined the Windcoop team with the mission of boosting cooperative experience. Through her previous experiences within Iliens and Sailcoop, two passengers sailing shipping companies, where she played an active role in establishing the foundations of these companies, Anna supervises the integration of new Windcoop members and strives to develop the cooperative experience strategy by setting up work circles to encourage the active participation of cooperators.


Manon Jacq

Logistics Manager

Manon gains experience from a mission for the French Polar Institute Paul Emile Victor, and a year in work-study at NTN Transmission. She organize our shipping line between the south of France and Madagascar by ensuring the connection with the ports and our logistics partners. She is also in charge of setting up the container park. Manon is committed to Windcoop to give a meaning to her job and succeed in moving maritime transport at all levels.


Yves Bourdais

Madagascar Sales Representative

Yves is a former merchant navy officer. He was head of Nosy-Bé, Madagascar, Fisheries for 18 years. A multi-entrepreneur on the island in the agri-food, industry and tourism sectors. Yves brings all his know-how to the development of Windcoop by being directly established in Madagascar.


Our experts

Simon Delvoye

Simon Delvoye


Naval architect and marine engineer, Simon graduated from the SeaTech engineering school, he has more than 12 years of experience in research in experimental hydrodynamics (tests in hull basin and at sea). Simon is also specialized in wind propulsion systems applied to merchant ships. He brings his technical expertise to the design of our cargo.