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Members’ shares

Become an owner!

We offer you to become co-owner of the share capital by buying one or more shares at €100 each. A share is an ownership title. Shares provide voting rights at Windcoop’s General Meetings, and representation on the Executive Board by an elected member.


Membership categories

Multiple identities gathered around one project

Be a member means above all supporting a cooperative and, for those who wish, actively participating in the governance and guiding the strategy of the cooperative.

We want to include all our partners into the governance of the cooperative, in order to make the best decisions and create a truly collaborative model. Thus, seven membership categories welcome each person according to their role:

  • Contributors: private investors, end consumers, public structures, etc.
  • Shippers: our customers, including Arcadie
  • Transportation partners: our partners for logistics (local agents, pre and post-routing, customs)
  • Strategic partners: Zéphyr & Borée initially
  • Financial partners: professional investors
  • Employees
  • Founders
  • Executive Board

    A collective strategy

    Windcoop is a Cooperative Society of Collective Interest in a public limited company form. Its Executive Board is therefore an essential control unit. Composed of representatives elected from each membership category, it meets regularly throughout the year to collectively decide on the strategy to adopt for the cooperative’s development.

    General Meeting

    Windcoop’s developments submitted to the vote

    General Meeting takes place every year and the participation of all members is essential to the proper functioning of Windcoop. We are divided into voting colleges according to our categories. Each natural or legal person has a voice within their college and can thus validate the main courses of action of the cooperative.


    Think tanks

    Think together to draw up the next guidelines of the company

    In addition to the annual General Meetings and their representation on the Executive Board, each member will be invited to participate in Think tanks around the central topics of the company’s development. These groups are the place of our collective intelligence expression and structuring in order to propose orientations, ideas, concepts and information to the Executive Board.

    The existing Executive Board will propose a first groups panel which will be scalable according to your needs. These groups will be piloted by voluntary organizers among the members. A representative of the Board will be present in each group to ensure the information feedback.