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The first Windcoop’s line heads for Madagascar!

Windcoop is the result of a collaboration with Arcadie, a company importing spices and medicinal plants, which wishes to influence positively its transport chain from Madagascar. With this in mind, we designed our first line to meet the identified challenges of the island: an area larger than France without road infrastructure, with a single main port, Toamasina, and without a direct line to Europe.

This line will be inaugurated in 2025 by our first ship.

We have therefore chosen to draw a line that serves Toamasina, but also four other secondary ports, in order to get closer to our customers. This strategic choice makes it possible to open up and revitalize the territories, to integrate the local population, but also to limit land transport.

Be rational, be sustainable


Our ethical approach to maritime transport (respect for employees and territories, responsible goods’ promotion) encourages us to wonder continually about our selection of products. However, we know that it will not be only organic or responsible ones, because we must establish a profitable operation and never sail empty.

Transporting organic goods from destinations like Madagascar or Central America to Europe is possible, as the demand from Europeans is high. However, the reverse remains less obvious, as needs and purchasing power are not the same. It is also necessary for Windcoop to meet the local populations’ needs.

Transatlantic line

Central America in sights

The transatlantic line is a great classic from Europe. Indeed Europeans import a lot of chocolate and coffee from these territories. The choice of destination ports will be decided following commercial exchanges that we have already begun to establish.


Future lines

What’s next ? You tell us!

We listen to our members and our customers in order to develop our fleet around the world. Many markets are addressable and we will consider all opportunities.