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The need for a new norm


The will to stir things up on maritime transport

Windcoop aims to boost change in the ubiquitous maritime trade industry. We want to create a new norm by offering a citizen functioning, economically responsible and respectful of people and the environment.


An ecological issue

Today 90% of world trade in goods are carried by sea, that represents 3% of CO2 global emissions, or 1 billion tonnes. In other words, if maritime transport were a country, it would be the 6th largest emitter of CO2 on the planet! If nothing is done, CO2 emissions could still increase by 50% by 2050 compared to 2018.*

*Source : Windship, Livre Blanc.


An innovation carried by the wind

Eventually, Windcoop wishes to build a sailing cargo fleet, allowing up to 90% savings in fossil fuels for propulsion. Wind is a clean, inexhaustible and free energy. Today, the conditions are gathered to build modern sailing cargo and exploit this renewable energy: technologies are available, the market is in demand and regulations benefit the change.

Act for transition

A project that respects men and women

Windcoop will define a fair and equitable hiring, salary and working conditions policy between men and women of onboard and on the ground teams. We aim to involve local populations, pay a fair salary and offer respectful work rhythm.

Dossier de Presse Windcoop Juin 2022

A sustainable economic system

Windcoop is structured as a Cooperative Society of Collective Interest in Mission. In addition to voluntary membership open to everyone, democratic and shared governance, a SCIC is radically committed at the financial level. By keeping at least 57.5% of profits in reserves and limiting the possible distribution of dividends cooperatives have an excellent rate of sustainability at 5 years ( sustainability rate is 74% for cooperative societies vs 67% for traditional societies*)

Our goal is to make the transition a success by reinvesting and sustaining the company, not to enrich ourselves – we will therefore limit profit and choose financial partners who share our values.

*Source : Rapport Public, Les sociétés coopératives d’intérêt collectif (SCIC) et les coopératives d’activité et d’emploi. Inspection générale des Affaires sociales (2021)

We lay our cards on the table

Within the sometimes considered opaque maritime sector, Windcoop places itself as a transparent cooperative both in terms of its organization, governance, financial activity and strategic choices.
We will be transparent up to uneasiness in our rational choices and our financial results will be freely accessible!

Windcoop is now member of the Licoornes

Windcoop is a member of the Licoornes network which brings together 13 SCICs offering an alternative to multinationals companies. The Licoornes operate in different sectors but they all share the same objective: to build an alternative economic model based on a democratic, collective, ecological and supportive base. Discover them HERE.